Like Disney World, but Hotter

Our three days in Singapore were jam-packed with sightseeing and eating. The weather was oppressively hot and humid and I felt jet-lagged for much of it, but we managed to see most of what we wanted in the city. The streets were, as promised, squeaky clean. The metro was efficient. The people were a fascinating mix of Indian, Chinese, Malay and so on. The Night Safari was good, clean, family fun — like Disney World.

In fact, much of Singapore felt like Disney World. Organized and polished. Locals would probably say that the real Singapore lies beneath that clean and classy veneer, but the only glimpses we were afforded of that underbelly were in a few of the temples and mosques and at the hawker centres:


This is a Buddhist temple in Chinatown, which we happened upon just in the middle of a big offering of gifts to Buddha.


This is the smallish hawker centre by the Esplanade. It’s actually run by Singapore’s food guru guy, who I mentioned in my earlier post.

Speaking of which, though we managed to see most of the sights in Singapore, I only made it about half-way through my list of dishes to try. I successfully tasted and thoroughly enjoyed:

Fried oyster omelet

Kaya toast, Malay-style teh

Lobster laksa

Char kway teoh

Chicken rice

Fish-head curry

Plain prata with onion