For anyone out there just begging to know whether I finished the 30-day Challenge, ummmm, Of Course I did. Did you ever doubt me? In fact it was a bit anticlimactic, hence my nonchalance about posting an update to this blog.

But it’s almost the New Year and I figured it would be best to wrap this whole thing up.

So how did it go? Upon reflection, I struggled around Day 15 — boredom with the routine, feeling tired, etc. But around Day 18 or so, I pulled ahead of that and the race to the finish line felt great. I began to feel shifts in my practice — a small shift in my posture here, a slight increase in flexibility there. Little things that made the class as a whole feel fresher and more invigorating.

I’m back to five/six days a week now, and I’ve noticed those shifts slipping away. But every month can’t be a 30-Day Challenge and as many of my instructors would no doubt say, practicing balance in life is just as important as practicing dedication.

And I got my T-shirt. Boo-ya:

30 Days, 30 Classes

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