Are You There Weather Gods? It’s Me, Jessica


We got snow last week, as you can see in this adorable photo of Taylor in front of our building, wearing his hand warmers. He was very excited to get to wear hand warmers. This is what winter in New York is all about, right? Snowflakes dotting the shoulders of your coat; lightly dusted sidewalks and tree branches; building lobbies aglow; periwinkle blue sky. Something like this:

Winter in NYC?

Here’s the thing. All that urban winter wonderland stuff? This is what it quickly deteriorates into:

Dirty snow in NYC
Yeah that’s not so pretty is it? Snow in New York City has some unfortunate aftereffects: the sidewalks turn into slippery channels of sludge; immense pools of black ice water collect at street corners and all the snow that started off so wonderland-esque gets molded into grotesque forms along the sidewalks, black with dirt and yellow with dog urine. Like the ugliest snow sculptures you’ve ever seen. Anyone who’s lived through a snow storm here knows this.

So why am I getting all Grinchy on what was, in fact, a minor little snow storm that did not in fact leave any such disgustingness behind? I guess it’s because I’m a little bit freaked at how mild this winter has been thus far. Where’s the nasty stuff and bitter cold I hyped all last Fall? I’ve barely suffered at all this winter. Maybe in part I’m getting more used to it (perish the thought). Maybe it’s global warming coming to get us. Probably it’s global warming coming to get us. But I can feel the weather gods out there, just taunting me with all this mild and 40-degrees business. What are they gearing up for? Is it possible that we’ll get through this winter without a major snow storm or prolonged period of blistering cold?