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A long overdue post with the update that I am now, yes, married and sporting a new name.

I thought long and hard over the name-change thing, and ended up going with the best compromise I could come up with, using my maiden name as my middle name, but actually using it. I didn’t want to lose the name by which most of my friends and collages know me. And my so-simple gmail address and URL. did Not appeal. And I want to have the same last name as my husband and kids. And I always did want a three-name name. And for the record I am completely and irrationally against hyphenation. Passed down through the generations, hyphenation is like a virus that grows and grows until the name itself is un-rememberable, unrepeatable, un-filling-forms-out-able. Like Agent Smith. Or like garbage. Where does it end? Anyway….

A few of my favorite shots are below, and more for my own archiving purposes than anything else, a link to all of them is here:

Very well done slideshow by our super awesome photog here: